Privacy Policy

These terms are applicable to both MopsBot Discord bot ("service") and this website (

Effective: May 25, 2023

Last updated: May 10, 2023

Contact email:

1. Introduction

Thanks for being interested in using MopsBot. Before doing so, you should carefully read, understand and accept MopsBot's Terms of Service, then this Privacy Policy.

2. Summary

OnlyTunes does not sell or give any of your data to third parties and will always inform you about how your data is used within this service in this document. MopsBot collects the following information, including but not limited to your Discord account ID, username, avatar, guilds you are in and message metadata. No message content is stored outside of Discord. MopsBot uses this information to provide you with the service you requested such as using our tracker features, leveling system and economy features. It will also serve as a way to improve our services. More information can be found on our Terms of Service

3. Use of this service

3.1. Brand features

When mentioning or using brand features of MopsBot outside of Discord, you need to somehow mention that MopsBot is accessible at You also agree that MopsBot may use your brand features (such as your server's names and logos) including but not limited to marketing and promotional materials. If you would not like us to use your server for this specific purpose please get in contact with us at

4. Use of this website

This website collects data from its users for the following purposes:

- Analytics (Google Analytics and Umami.js)

- Tag management (Google Tag Manager)

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy presented in this document may never be final, and may be changed in the future with or without notification. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with this document, and you will be constantly reminded on where to find it.